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Chicken Veggie Alfredo Pizza=YUM!

I don’t usually crave pizza, but when I do it’s not the traditional type. I crave loads of vegetables and Alfredo sauce, but for my husband’s sake I also include meat chicken. For me, though I love loads of toppings, … Continue reading

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Late Afternoon (must have/happen) Snack

When Chris and I get home from work we are starved… In the past we have just ‘snacked’ but this usually pushes dinner off to right before bedtime and that just isn’t forgiving. The last week and a half has … Continue reading

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Light Summer Pasta

Note: Chris and I ate this for several days. On the third day, the last day, he was still saying he loved it!  Ingredients 4 cups uncooked whole wheat pasta (bow-tie, penne, shell, etc.) 1 large onion, chopped 2 small sweet … Continue reading

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Stuffed Green Peppers (Beef and Turkey Options)

Tonight was my first time substituting ground turkey for ground beef. Of course I only did it for my portion though, don’t want to rob my husband of his red meat! Boy, was I pleasantly surprised! After eating half my … Continue reading

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Sprucing Up The White Cupcake

Tomorrow is the last day of MSP, which if you grew up in Washington public school you know this as WASL. If you didn’t grow in up Washington public schools than all you need to know is that it’s a … Continue reading

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Christopher’s (Not Just Christmas) Cookies

They have been considered ‘Christopher’s Christmas Cookies’ ever since he was a boy. These cookies are what Chris and I decorated the first time we hung out together. Since we started dating they have become more than just a Christmas … Continue reading

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Pre-Easter Extravaganza

Yesterday my husband and I made a trip up the mountain to visit my mom and step-dad. Yes, it really is, ‘over the river and through the woods to mother’s house we go.’ (This is what the road look like … Continue reading

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