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Color Scandal

Okay, calling it a scandal is a little extreme but still… Remember that color swatch I posted for colors in our main room? Well, we went to Lowes and purchased some little test paint containers and this is how they … Continue reading

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Let the Yard Work Adventures Begin!

Christopher and I learned a lesson today, that sunny weekend days do not equal grand hiking and camping adventures anymore, but instead pulling weeds and trimming plants. I am itching for a good hike but this was fun nevertheless. Look … Continue reading

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[A 4th Grader’s Life] as a Musical Instrument

  Once upon a time a guitar named Guitar would wake up every morning to strum to the birds. Often the birds sang with her, but one day Guitar never got up to strum. The birds were worried so they … Continue reading

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Well Hello Morning!

As I was reteaching myself calculus (from senior year of high school) upstairs last night, apparently Chris was doing more than just touching up the walls… Below is a picture of our kitchen from Monday morning, And here are pictures … Continue reading

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And The Never-ending Project Begins!

Painting take one: The first room to get paint is our breakfast nook/kitchen/dinning/living room area. The color I had in mind was a clean, calming, blue color that also worked with the blue and grey color in our black granite … Continue reading

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Stuffed Green Peppers (Beef and Turkey Options)

Tonight was my first time substituting ground turkey for ground beef. Of course I only did it for my portion though, don’t want to rob my husband of his red meat! Boy, was I pleasantly surprised! After eating half my … Continue reading

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Well Hello!

Where has the time gone?! I’d say I don’t know, but that would be a tad bit of a lie. What hasn’t happened?! I’ve put in my first couple weeks in my long-term position, went to a wedding (heading to … Continue reading

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