~Root and blossom~ I have always been intrigued by trees. For most of my childhood I was familiar with more trees than people. I knew which trees were good for swings and which ones were good for ‘jungle gyms,’ I knew which had faces and the ones that would leave me all sappy. I had trees that I went to for thinking, others to draw under, special ones to play around, some to hide, and definitely irreplaceable ones to just be. I’m not talking scientific types or class, I am speaking only of their character and individuality. You see, a tree needs to take root to live and if it’s living it’s flourishing. For me, in my life, I sometimes forget to slow down and invest in the present, to make the most of it. A tree has no options, being fixed in the same place its entire life. No matter the weather, the inhabitants, or the company, that tree will try to thrive and bloom. This is my hope in life, to root and blossom, in my faith, relationships, and community- thriving in the present.

Hey friends! Welcome to Root and Blossom. My name is Lena, and I really like to dabble. Mainly in the area of creation, whether using a pencil, paintbrush, Kitchen Aid, yarn, or any other assortment of tools and fun gadgets, my heart is giggly giddy for all. But I also dabble in adventures close and far, from hiking and camping in the Olympic Mountains to global travels  experiencing other worlds and cultures. I dabble. I don’t know why this is, why I haven’t chosen something to master, to become skilled at or well experienced, I guess I like my options. I’m indecisive.

I also like my husband. My Rhett Butler, tall, dark and handsome that is. He’s the man I believed didn’t exist and the one who has taught me to love in a way I’ve never experienced apart from God. He is my Christopher, the most intelligent and respectable man (and engineer) I know. He too enjoys the outdoors, traveling, and creating. He’s gifted with a servant’s heart and enjoys using his hands to fulfill this role: building, construction, creating.

That’s my Christopher and me! What’s your story? We’d love to get to know you.


3 Responses to About

  1. Aaron says:

    you guys went to egypt! Luckeee 😉

  2. feeltoogood says:

    Really sweet and close to heart article. Somewhere I feel I am just like you. I like painting, reading, cooking, shopping etc.
    Great to hear you got your dream partner.
    I feel you are great blogging..Keep it up!!

  3. architectessica says:

    I am currently studying Gardens and Landscapes and I really love the analogy you give for trees in relation to life. I agree wholeheartedly.


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