Let the Yard Work Adventures Begin!

Christopher and I learned a lesson today, that sunny weekend days do not equal grand hiking and camping adventures anymore, but instead pulling weeds and trimming plants. I am itching for a good hike but this was fun nevertheless.

Look how messy that bark looks around the tree!


Yep, those are my pasty white legs sticking out from under the Japanese Maple. That tree was long overdue for a prune job!

Notice the rock covered runoff area. Chris spent several house removing the weeds from this area! On the left you see the rocks without weeds and on the right you can hardly see the rocks! HUGE difference! Chris is a rock star! Ha, oh puns.

Weeds in the bark and rocks are gone, and the tree is trimmed! Loving our progress!

Clark and Mikaela gave us gardening tools as a house-warming gift, so fabulous!

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One Response to Let the Yard Work Adventures Begin!

  1. mikaela37 says:

    Hey, I read your blog and was even mentioned in it!! You totally need to change your profile picture to your legs with the bush head…love it!

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