[A 4th Grader’s Life] as a Musical Instrument


Once upon a time a guitar named Guitar would wake up every morning to strum to the birds. Often the birds sang with her, but one day Guitar never got up to strum. The birds were worried so they told everybody in the forest. They all gathered at Guitar’s house with new strings and flowers. Then suddenly the door swung open and out came the nasty witch of the forest. “Well, well, well,” she said in a rough, dark voice. “All the animals got some things for me.” She let out a cackle and POOF! She was gone. They all scampered in and they saw a horrible thing. Guitar was sawed in half. They tried duck-taping her back together but nothing happened. They tried glue but she just fell apart again. Then a bird saw something gleaming in the bushes and picked it up. It was the witches wand. She pointed it to Guitar and said, “hocus pocus” and streams of light in different colors zapped guitar. She was back to normal.

Written by an anonymous student 

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One Response to [A 4th Grader’s Life] as a Musical Instrument

  1. A J says:

    Nice little story but I can’t see the photo on your blog.

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