Well Hello Morning!

As I was reteaching myself calculus (from senior year of high school) upstairs last night, apparently Chris was doing more than just touching up the walls…

Below is a picture of our kitchen from Monday morning,

And here are pictures of the kitchen I woke up to this morning! And yes, we do get up before the sun… Let’s not talk about it.

What a fabulous husband! My goodness. We are very pleased with the color choice. The blue in the black granite really pops now! Cannot wait to paint the cabinets and trim white! Oh, and crown modeling?! Swoon.


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One Response to Well Hello Morning!

  1. Jess Miller says:

    You are absolutely right. The white cabinets are going to be gorgeous! And, if you decide the fridge/dishwasher would be better black, you can paint it and not have to exchange, FYI. I can ask my husband what he used for painting appliances black if you are interested. Let me know=)

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