February 12: Last Minute Fun and Traveling

Chris was gifted with a beautiful day for his birthday! When we went upstairs for breakfast we got to view the surrounding mountains!

After breakfast we only had about an hour and a half till we had to meet our tour group. Down underneath Panasonic tower there is an ice-rink that has been closed each night before we got to that area of the town, decided to make it down there before we left to people watch!

(Walked passed a stage where hundreds of children and their parents were sitting. We were supposed to take pictures but Chris took this one over his shoulder and up in the air as we walked by. Dont know who they are but seemed popular.)

On or way back to the hotel we saw a ‘big and tall’ store, random. It was closed otherwise we were going to look in there for Chris.

The first stop with out tour group was the Sapporo Factory, which was a large shopping center. There were many of our favorite brands there such as Eddie Bauer, Helly Hansen, and North Face. That stop was for lunch and shopping. Chris and I looked in shops but didn’t purchase anything. We were struggling to be decisive on what to have for lunch, but eventually decided on Indian.

Afterwards we had some birthday gelato! Yum! Chris got a scoop of caramel cookie and strawberry chocolate chip! I got a scoop of baked apple pie, yum.

There was a fun candy place next to the gelato stand. I went in to take a couple of pictures but then was told pictures were not allow. Oops!

The final stop before the airport was the Sapporo Beer museum, which was right next to the beer garden. It was kind of fun, everyone seemed to be burnt out and kind of crabby. Neither of us felt like beer tasting since we tried their beer the other night before during dinner. We chose to walk around instead.

We found ourselves quite a treat while walking around outside the museum! There was a local children’s festival taking place filled with dogsled rides, scallop fishing, inner tubbing, and sleigh-rides.

Security was a mess on the way home! Too many people for my liking! The airport in general was strangely crowded. It wasn’t until we learned that our puddle-jumper-hour-flight was going to be on a full Boeing jumbo jet (two floors, 3-4-3 seats) that we realized that the influx was due to the snow festival. On the way to the airport I was reflecting on how the flight to Hokkaido wasn’t too bad for me and that maybe flying wasn’t so bad for me anymore…. then I got my seat for my flight home. I was seated in the third to last row, in the middle seat of the middle section. Nope, my comfort for flying was a false alarm. Chris gave me the aisle seat and that helped. Thank goodness it was only about an hour and 10 minutes of flying. I wouldn’t have been able to handle much more of that!

When we were waiting for our luggage in Tokyo an advertisement had a back drop that looked strangely familiar. It was Seattle and they were advertising Mt. Rainier coffee. We’ll have to find some!

Before we left Tokyo and headed to Yokosuka, the woman who schedules trips at ITT did a head count and then took all our names. As she worked up the aisle, people gave her their name and she would check them off a list. When she go to us she said, “Name plea… (she looked up) OH! Voths! Of course! haha” and then kept going. We were the only ones on the bus that she knew by name, what does that say about us? 🙂


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