February 4: “Put Housewife Down”

Last night the coughing got the best of us and made for a rough morning… By noon we were doing better. We both had some well-needed catch up chats with friends and family, I did some knitting and then we headed to base. Chris and I set up our China trip. We officially have our plane tickets! Leaving February 25 and coming back the 1st of March! Need to finish applying for our visas on Monday. When I filled out my application I circled the ‘teacher or student’ option under employment but then didn’t list an employer. The woman asked me about it and I explained that I just graduated, so I wasn’t a student anymore, but that I haven’t gotten a teaching job yet. She asked me what I did then… I said I was a wife and she told me to put housewife down on my visa application. The woman next to me working with the other agent started laughing and said, “me too.”

We love Blue Street in the evening when it is all lighten up and beautiful! Stopped at the yarn shop to buy some stitch holders and markers. Chris looked at the yarns, he is deciding what color he wants for a scarf! I also pointed out the sock store I want to check out soon!

Had to place another 5,000 yen on our Sueca cards. It only cost 300 yen for a roundtrip down to Yokosuka-Chou station but it adds up quickly!

At the beginning of last month we had a sushi party at one of Christopher’s supervisor’s house and tonight we attended a chili party at the same place! The couple is so kind and generous to open their home to so many people each month!

Tomorrow is still up in the air. Want to get out but both of us are realistic about our level of health right now. We shall see.


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One Response to February 4: “Put Housewife Down”

  1. Tara says:

    Feels weird to say you’re a housewife for the first time, I felt the same way.

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